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Product: RP 9

RP 9

Rotational multitool head Matrix (max 6 positions)
Positioning speed Y: 75 m/ min; X: 96 m/ min
Paralle travel of X and Y: 120 m/ min
Max. punching speed -- plate 1mm, distance 1mm,): 850 punches/ min
Max. punching speed (plate 1mm, distance 25mm,) 320 punches/ min
Multitool head positions: 6x24 mm, or 4x31,7mm
Positioning accuracy: +-0,1 mm
Max. plate thickness: 6 mm
Input: 7,5 kW

sofware Metalix for programming
external computer

Very good condition, under power.

Technical parameters

Producer Durma
Production Begin 2007
Production Ends
Price: 58.000 EUR
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